Have no fear, SPICY PENGUIN is here
With HOT SAUCE and SALSA to share!! We've been sent by the Spicy Food Gods to put an end to boring, flavorless meals and to make sure you add some HEAT to make the meal COMPLETE! SPICE UP YOUR FOOD! Spicy food condiments have so many uses... *Pour all over your food
*Use as a dipping sauce *Marinate meats such as chicken, steak, and salmon
*Throw on burgers, hot dogs, and tacos *Use as a salad dressing And don't you worry, all of our products are 100% PENGUIN APPROVED! Now take the PENGUIN PLUNGE and try any of our products, and add some HEAT to make the meal COMPLETE!
Spicy Penguin


Gotta add some HEAT COMPLETE ! to make the meal
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